Divine Mercy Ranches don’t exist yet, but we are praying for them to become realities.   The ranches would accept unwed mothers in a crisis pregnancy and care for them and their babies until worthy husbands could be found for them.  The women would be permitted to stay as long as they desired.  Their children would receive a good Bible based Catholic education right on the ranch.  They would raise various herbs, fruits and vegetables and trade among themselves for the things they needed. They would have all the essentials and a few of the  luxuries. The ranch would be built close enough to a Catholic Church where Daily Mass would be celebrated.  The young mothers would derive an income from Divine Mercy Ranch’s livestock and farm operations.  Migrant workers and Amish farmers would be hired to to help the young mothers care for their animals and to run an organic horticultural farm operation.  Grass fed organic beef and lamb would be raised and sold directly to the public.  Other Divine Mercy Ranches could be developed as poor  farms, or as rehabilitation farms for those sufferring from addictions etc.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS PROJECT.






In much of the third world, it is common to see large country estates for the wealthy while many of the poor live in wretched city slums.   There is an urgent need for land reform, but often, due to greed, graft and corruption, those inclined to initiate genuine land reform are simply slated to be assassinated.  There is only one institution on earth capable of tackling the job of initiating successful land reform and that is the Church.


A missionary, Juan Diego, bought 500 hectares of marginal hilly farmland, with seed money from the U.S. for a Catholic Farm Community.  He leased parcels FREE to the poor who agreed to pay the 10% Biblical tithe plus any free-will offerings that they would care to make on all their income. The money would  be used for the support of the Catholic Parish and School and for the support of the nuns who ran the school and provide funds for more land purchases.  The hills were used as pasture lands with fruit and nut trees planted for food and feed for the families and their livestock, while the flat lands were planted in every kind of horticultural crop, grain and herbs.  Soon, they began to prosper so much that a great deal of money was collected to buy more land in many different places in an effort to rescue the poor living in squalor in city slums.  Many of the married men in the community studied by night in the parish center by Internet, not only Organic Farming, but also for the Deaconate.  They would be the Agricultural Missionaries to start new Catholic Farm Communities everywhere. Natural Family Planning (NFP) was taught to the families at the Parish Center, but with their newfound prosperity, almost all the families opted for Supernatural Family Planning, thus allowing God to do all the planning.  Everyone in the Community came to realize that God did not create children to populate earth, but to populate heaven.  They also realized that heaven was under populated.  Soon Catholic Farm Communities were sprouting up everywhere and the population of large cities began to shrink in size as poor people everywhere began to flock to the country for the good life.   At one point, God permitted them to be tested by some international thugs and gangsters from Planned Parenthood who made an appearance with their abortion inducing birth control pills.  Some of them were converted, while the rest swiftly became prudent enough to not only leave the area, but to make a very swift departure from the country as well.   Children began to thrive in this Christian environment and soon many of them consecrated their lives to Christ to serve as future priests and nuns.  Street children and orphans were a phenomenon of the past as farm families adopted all that could be found.   When city residents discovered how good a life, children could have, the abortion rate declined so much that every baby slaughterhouse in the country went out of business.  One farm community had so many children that it became known as the Angels of the Earth Ranch.

Colleges of Agriculture sent students to teach the finer points of Organic Farming, Animal Science, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Agroforestry, etc, but the students learned far more than they were ever able to teach.   Each parish school also functioned as a night school for the parents.   The entire farm community was centered on The Mass and The Scriptures.  A group of farm communities worked together to develop an International Catholic University on the internet, which also included a free, world wide Catholic grade school, and high school.  As the parish schools used Thomas Joshua’s system of education (Montessori-plus), it was common to see grade school students studying high school subjects and high school students studying college material.  Grade school classes were studying The Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi in the original Latin.  They also studied the Vulgate and the Greek & Hebrew Scriptures.  They were enthralled with the richness of their Church. Many of the children became Science Wiz Kids, as they were grounded in Agriculture, and in the other physical and biological sciences. They were enthralled with introducing Catholics everywhere to the truth about Scripture.  Through the internet, they communicated with the world.  They repeated The Infinitely Faster than the Speed of Light Experiments and thousands of other scientific experiments that demonstrated that evolution was nothing more than a fairy tale for adults. The Catholic world was discovering that if their philosophical world-view of Theistic evolution didn’t coincide with true science, it was time to change their philosophy.  The whole Church was revived by the rediscovery of GOD’S PRINCIPLE OF  DESIGN for His creation.    The revival that resulted even brought about the unification of Christianity, which had been separated for so many centuries.  Parents and children were all well grounded in the faith and they often studied together.  Adult education classes enabled parents to partially catch up with their children as they studied not only the great Catholic works of the past but the Encyclicals of Pope St. John Paul the Great who had inspired these farm communities.  All the children had hands on horticulture and animal science classes.   Would anyone not see the delight in a child’s eyes as he or she fed baby lambs, or calfs or chickens?  The kids were full of life and were responsible for the care of their school’s animals and horticultural crops that also included many kinds of medicinal herbs.   It was becoming a heaven on earth as Catholics everywhere prepared the world for the Second Coming of Christ.  But in the meantime, the poor and the humble learned the truth of the words of Christ as they indeed came to inherit the earth.


FAMILY OF THE AMERICAS FOUNDATION Natural family planning teacher-training programs in over  100 countries.  http://www.FamilyPlanning.net/  

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Health benefits of coconut oil, the healthiest oil on earth, as well as coconut meat, milk, and water. How coconuts are the perfect food for the poor. How coconut oil can protect you against heart disease, diabetes, and infectious illnesses such as influenza, herpes, Candida, and even HIV.

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A book that is helping to change the way we farm written by a distinguished USDA scientist.  Even teaches how to grow your own fertilizer.

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Mountains into very productive farmland through Agroforestry.

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IN THE BEGINNING: COMPELLING EVIDENCE FOR CREATION AND THE FLOOD by Dr. Walt Brown  ISBN: 978-1-878026-06-4 Those who have the humility to examine the scientific evidence against evolution are often more able to accept other areas of God’s Principle of Design for His Creation such as His prohibition against artificial birth control, which was so bravely promulgated by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” and defended by Pope St. John Paul the Great.   “In the Beginning” was written by a Nobel qualified, world-class scientist who converted from being a theistic evolutionist, to a young-earth Creationist by the sheer weight of the scientific evidence.   Thus, while theologians scoff and remain silent, The Stones Cry Out, (http://www.Halos.com/). This book can help spark an extraordinary CATHOLIC REVIVAL, one that will cause myriads of evangelical protestants, who already accept the historical truths of Genesis 1–11, to seriously investigate the reality of the Eucharist and all other Biblical doctrines promulgated by the Catholic Church. ENTIRE BOOK ONLINE:                 

DRILL YOUR OWN WATER WELLS      http://www.DeepRock.com/

SCHOOL BOOKS BY DR. JOHN SAXON    http://www.SaxonPub.com/
The world’s best math & science  books  for Catholic & Home schools

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY  http://www.Family.org/ Many Resources for the family such as:   BABY AND CHILD CARE           by Paul Reisser, M.D.        ISBN: 978-0-8423-0889-2

The lady professor in one class gave me an "A" for this paper.  A politically correct male professor in another class gave me a grade of  "D-."   


Rev. Sebastian Moore OSB.

We cannot without hypocrisy celebrate life, if we do not acknowledge to what a sickening extent we are violating it. And now, as the multiple crises of our greed and folly are beginning to be compounded with a food shortage global in scale and likely to knock even at our solid doors, our leaders have nothing to advocate but a national scrambling for scarce re­sources and a growing destruction of the environment.

As these events crowd in on us at an ever-increasing rate, the mind is increasingly bewildered, and the belief grows with every day that the whole thing is too complicated to understand or do anything about. But is it all that complicated? Here at least is something simple, and it lies at the heart of our system.

Human life was changed profoundly, and in many ways for the better, by the Industrial Revolution. A combination of new techniques with a new economy based on private enter­prise changed the face of the earth. Our lives, our possibilities, our very selves, are the product of this great change. Without it, it is really impossible to imagine our­selves. There has happened an economic miracle, a system that can meet more and more of our material needs.

But that system has a secret which people didn't know. We saw, with pleasure, that it was producing more and more and yet more. What we did not see was that, to survive, it had to produce more and more and yet more. As the system grew, this need to produce came increasingly to preponderate over the needs of the consumer, until in the end it was the system that needed the consumer rather than the consumer that needed the system. With hectic frequency the system sends out "messages", as they are called, on our television screen. What those messages are saying, once you've cracked their code is, "eat me, drink me, drive me, need me more and more, or else I'll die--and then you'll die too." We are assisting daily at a horrible inversion of the Eucharist, an inversion which even a child can understand.

Thus it is not people's needs that now regulate the economy. It is the system's need to grow and grow that is all controlling. To this growth, erroneously equated with economic health, all is subject, even Government. Government must shape its decisions not with an eye to the well-being of people but with an eye to the continuous growth of this mindless power, now vested in massive corporations whose only principle is profits.

This marriage of Government to the need for economic growth is far more serious and fateful than those immoral liaisons between politicians and big business that make the headlines. Compared with this, an individual political scandal is light opera.

Deep in the psyche, where there is no time, there is a myth, a story, that anticipates our situation. A character called Midas made a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold. His wish was granted. As a result, he died of hunger.

Out of its inverted life, the system has produced a child in its own image and likeness, namely the international currency crisis. Of its mystery it has been said that there are only 5 or 6 men in the world who understand it. I am not surprised. It must take a massive brain to understand the results of millions of acts of exchange, of illusion, of greed, and of exploitation, expressed in mathematical terms.

This is not a political sermon. It is a sermon about life. We are coming rapidly into a moment of crisis at which life itself is threatened.by the only politico-economic sys­tem of which we seem to be capable. In this moment, all we can say, and what we must say, is that life has to be preferred.

O life, where did we lose you? When did we turn the corner out of the light? How did we lose the direct experience of you, to get lost in this hall of mirrors and echoing lies?

I hope that at least some of you have understood what I am saying better than I do. Still more, I hope that some of you feel it more than I do. For if you have felt it with all of yourself and are determined to follow your feeling, then the world has begun to change. The change now needed is so total that it can only start in the heart of a man or a woman. The power of God is infinite in the heart of a man or a woman. Who will dare to give himself at this time to that power? Him we await. And let no scrupulous liberal say that this is elitism. What on earth does it matter who does it first?  At another moment of crisis, now long past, Jesus "did it first". And to anyone who hears His Voice today He says: "Go and do likewise. Be a man. Be a woman. Be the first." Long live Jesus Christ, the first, the first-born of us dead men. May He happen again.