(Prieres au SACRE-Coeur)


Rev. J. Galot, S.J.

Translated from the German edition

“Zum Herzen Jesu Gebete”


Rev. Nicholas M. Wilwers, S.A.C.

 English language editiom originally published by 

The International Institute of the Heart of Jesus:  Rome and Milwaukee

With Ecclesiastical Approbation

I. The Eternal Heart

The Pierced Heart of Jesus

Lord, please be the goal of my pilgrimage here upon the earth.  Please let me cling to You with all the force of my longing. Please let me penetrate the very depth of Your Heart. Please let me breathe through You and let me live by the breath of Your love. Please let me work for You, not shunning hardship and fatigue. Please let me rest in You, peacefully, in unending confidence and friend­ship. Please let me radiate, through You, Your divine, loving kindness and apos­tolic zeal.  Let me remain in You forever, firmly rooted in Your love. 

Revelation of Love

Lord, You came into this world to manifest to us the love of God. Please help us to discover in the Gospel this love which has guided everything in Your life. Please unveil for us the deep meaning of Your words and actions, and let us understand this love which made You the "Good Master" and the "Good Shepherd." Please reveal to us the mystery of Your per­sonality. Let us enter into Your Heart, into the hidden sanctuary of Your Soul burning with unquenchable flames of love.  Having discovered in the Gospel the inexhaustible love radiating from Your whole being and life, help us to find this Your love also in our life since You show it to us always by Your Divine Presence and in Your gifts. Oh that we, aided by the light of the Holy Spirit, would more firmly believe in Your love which explains every­thing to us in Your life and in ours. Let us be totally Yours and trust Your love. 

Center of Our Life

Lord, Your love surpasses all human understanding. Grant us some insight into Your Divine Heart. Again and again we are tempted to doubt Your divine love. Give us new eyes so that we may see what seems so unbelievable. Our eyes are riveted to the visible things of this earth. Let a ray of light fall upon them from Your Heart to let us see the ultimate purpose of this creation of Yours and the Mystery of all things which Your love intends to unite in ultimate harmony. We see in mankind and history so many delusions and aberrations as to discourage us thoroughly. Show us how Your love turns all into good, how You influence human tendencies and direct events in supernatural ways to serve Your purposes, thus filling us with new trust and confidence. We experience the power of evil. Let us also realize that the power of Your love is greater, that Your Heart is the center of our life and of the world and that the victory of Your love is assured. 

Total Surrender,

Lord, because You have given Yourself to us totally in unbounded love, we too mean to dedicate ourselves to You, open and surrender ourselves totally to Your Heart. Let this dedication be irrevocable so that You may take complete pos­session of us to be used for whatever Your love desires. We surrender our whole being to You; our thoughts, desires and actions in order that You may make all our thoughts, desires and actions conform to Your Heart. We hand over to You our past, present, and future life. Everything is to be Yours, every moment of our lives at Your disposal. Of ourselves we are not able to dedicate ourselves totally and ir­revocably. We trust that in Your love You will accept us and with Your fidelity will keep us always close to You. Let this dedication and consecration, effected in us by You Yourself, fill us with the unlimited generosity of Your own life. 

Receive Me

Heart of my Lord, take me with every­thing I have and am; take what I own and do, all my thoughts, my whole life. Take my soul that it may be Yours; take my will that it may seek You, and You alone. Take my whole Heart that it may love You alone. Heart of my Lord, take my innermost desires that You may be all I desire, my only goal, my boundless love and my perfect and supreme happiness. Take me in Your goodness which draws me, in Your gentleness which accepts me, in Your love which unites me with You. Heart of Jesus, immerse me in Your sorrows and joys, in Your life and death, into the night of the Cross and the glorious, never ending day of Your Resurrection. Take me with Your power which raises me, by Your blazing fervor which inflames me for You, by Your sublime grandeur to be absorbed by You. Heart of Jesus, accept me as Your servant and slave, but also as Your friend, be I ever so unworthy. Accept my complete devotion, never to falter nor to expect reward. Accept me as a helper in Your mission, as a victim for the salvation of human souls in the service of those who are Yours. Heart of Jesus, take me so completely that nothing remains in and for me; take even my failures in Your service; do not return what You have ever accepted. Take forever all that is in me so that someday I may embrace and possess Your Heart as my very own. 

Joyful Imitation of Christ

Lord, place Your burden upon our shoulders because it is light. Your teaching is illuminated by Your kind­ness; let it also permeate us. Let us carry Your burden; it is not heavy. Your Commandments do not depress us; they are meant to direct our life according to Your Pleasure and our wellbeing.  Help us to fulfill Your Law, because it will lift us up and make us free. We will never complain that Your Word and Your Will are being felt as fet­tering us; for Your bonds are bonds of love. Help us to take up Your cross, for You carry it with us on Your shoulders. Impress deeply upon us what You want. No price shall be too high, for in You every hardship becomes happiness and all fatigue becomes welcome rest. 

Encouraging Example

Lord, whatever You teach becomes illuminated and finds its meaning in Your Heart. You came into this world so that by Your heroic human love You may prove how much God loves us. This truth alone makes Your actions under­standable. But You came also in order to lead us to love God and all men. You have said all Your Commandments are contained in these 2: to love God and to love our neighbor. Your life has exempli­fied these fundamental truths, for You spent Yourself in the love of Your Father and us: a victim consuming itself in love and self-surrender. Your innermost self manifests clearly God's love for us. You loved the Father and us with great intensity. Help us to understand this love and let us experience its compelling force.  May Your Heart teach us to accept love and to return it. May it teach us to accept this Divine love as the supreme gift and the most important truth, to be open to it and to cherish the certainty that we are loved by God in all situations of life. 

Perfect Friendship

Lord, You came to me in a humble and unobtrusive way to offer me the perpetual friendship of Your Heart. You came down to raise me up; You wanted closeness and intimacy. Without so much as a word the ardor of Your love has penetrated my Heart. Now You remain as the ever-close friend, wholly concerned about me and fulfilling my innermost longing. When You give Yourself, You give all, since the whole creation belongs to You. You give all You have to those who accept You with confidence. Surpassing all, however, is the gift of Your Heart. Our friendship is to be perfect; con­sequently, You share with us Your sufferings and Your joys, Your hopes, Your plans and Your whole life. You allow me to participate in Your work of Redemption, for You—with our friendship to bear fruit—for myself and for others. I would never have believed that God could be my friend. But You are my friend: The Creator is the friend of His creature; the Holy One, the friend of a sinner, of a weak, fickle human being. You are the ideal friend whose friend­ship never fails, whose fidelity is unending. Help me to become worthy of such noble friendship, and never to dis­appoint Your trust. 

II. Luminous Center 

Trusted Closeness

Lord, You have given us Your Heart that we may seek repose in You and renew our strength in You. You do not expect us to speak many words; You desire rather that we be conscious of Your presence and remain very close to You. Help us to long ever more to remain close to You, so that we may be enriched by You and our intimacy with You may ever increase. Permeate us ever more with Your love. Guide us in the ways of contempla­tion by our burning desire to be close to You. Let our prayer become a silent but complete surrender. Prevent us from shortening the moments of prayerful attention to You. Let us rather fill them with love for You. May interior weariness never quench our zeal. We wish to remain in Your presence and turn our in­ability to love You more, into a sacri­ficial offering to You. Lord Jesus, let us enter into Your prayerful and peaceful silence when the cares of life tend to disturb our heart. 

The Good Shepherd

Lord, You know Your sheep and call them by their name. I am happy in the consciousness that You know me personally, not only with Your all-penetrating knowledge but also with the sympathetic under­standing of Your Heart. There is no more penetrating look than Yours, but it is softened by Your love. Your love permeates the depth of my being. How sympathetically You understand my innermost misery and my faults, my fearful emptiness, which desires to love but cannot do so. In spite of all my shortcomings You look at me with the Eyes of the Good Shepherd. What consolation it is to be truly known and understood by You Who love me. You continue trusting me. You call me by my name so that I may follow You. 

Indispensable Help

Lord, we are hungry for Your love. I desire to be loved, to be loved by You. All other love is deceitful if it is not based on Yours. Your love gives meaning to my being. It fills my loneliness, offers refuge to my con­fusion and the fire by which my own love is renewed. Your love for me illumines all things and transforms the universe. In Your love my life becomes meaningful and I can face the future with trust and confidence. It is beyond my power to give direc­tion and guidance to my future. But when You in Your love take it into Your hands I can blindly and without hesitation follow the road You have traced out for me. I feel such a tremendous desire to be loved by You that my whole being cries out for it. I am created for You and I feel the need to be totally possessed by You. I do know that You love me; I believe it. But I beg You to increase my faith into total conviction. Grant that my thoughts and actions may become one great act of confidence in Your love, so great beyond all understanding. Accept my longing. You love me. Let this knowledge be sufficient for me and make me ever happier. Heart of my Lord, increase in me my longing for You and grant me the conviction that You will make it come true. 

Omnipotent Love

Lord, You are able to do all things and Your goodness would like to do everything for us. Arouse in us such faith and confidence that You will be able to perform miracles for us. You cherish nothing more than such confidence because it expresses, in the best way possible, the love we owe You, and You are ready to reward it generously. Our confidence will be certainly heard and answered for You treat us according to our faith. All too often have we impeded Your love for us by our lack of faith. From now on we will be firmly convinced that, according to Your own word, "all things are possible to him who believes." We will trust You so much the more daringly, the more we see our weak­nesses, our failures and faults. We will believe in the power of Your grace, ready to impart all to us, able to save us, to raise us up and renew us in every moment. We place all the needs of our spiritual life and our apostolic endeavors with complete confidence into Your Hands. With all our strength we believe in You, convinced that You will accom­plish great things in us; You are ready to perform in us miracles like those You performed during Your life on earth. Lord, may it be done unto us according to our faith. 

Never Failing Loyalty

Lord, Your love keeps all Your prom­ises. You have given Your Heart to us without recall; never will You with­draw Your love or grace. Even our lack of fidelity will not keep You from remaining true to Your Promises. The absolute fidelity of Your Heart is our guarantee for the future and remains forever the sole basis of our hope. Let us ever more clearly understand Your never failing loyalty and trust in unshakable hope. You will never forsake us in our life, but will grant superabundant grace. Of this we are firmly convinced. At the hour of death remind us of the faithfulness of Your Heart. It will lead us with kindness into eternal happiness, prepared for us secretly by Your love. We need not fear any disappointment on Your part; You prepare for us only surprises and marks of a love sur­passing all expectations. Let this, our unshakable trust in Your fidelity, ever be born anew in our Hearts. 

Inexhaustible Love

Lord, show us Your Heart, and let us find our own heart in it. You have given us the love of Your life as a source of uncounted possibilities of love. You have enkindled in us the fire of Your own love, and You cease not to create loving, human hearts. In the light of Your love, let us see what the love of our neighbor demands of us. Create in us the conviction that we are able, with Your help, to live up to it, and let us spread it ever more widely in the world. Cure our laxity and sloth so that we may make greater efforts towards total dedication. Let us endeavor to out-do ourselves in helping our neighbor. Make possible the seemingly impossible, and grant us through Your love the strength to fulfill it all. 

III. Heart Full of Kindness

Forbearance and Forgiveness

Lord, You have the power and the means to take revenge, but You use them in order to forgive. Even in the face of flagrant injustice, malice, mockery, and cruelty when con­demned to the shameful and painful Death on the Cross, You spoke words of forgiveness and implored it from Your Father. Would that our Hearts act like Yours. Give us the strength, at once and without qualification, to forgive wrongs done to us. Our nature is ever prone to answer offenses with of­fenses; make us able to subdue our impulses of angry reactions. Strengthen us in our resolution to remain silent if a word offends us or a wrong is done to us. Help us to offer up our pain of Heart and not to bear resentment to those who hurt us. Teach us to remain kindly disposed to those who have offended or hurt us, and to act as if nothing unpleasant had happened. For then our love will become noble. Protect our Hearts from feelings of revenge, peevishness and rancor. Help us to remain meek of Heart, excusing and forgetting all. 

Kindness and Sympathy

Lord, You did not force Your entry into our hearts; You preferred to let us come in perfect freedom, drawn by Your fascinating kindness. Always men felt Your warm sympathy, the fruit of humble love intent on be­coming the servant of all. You pre­ferred to give us Your Heart before accepting ours. You preferred to have Your kindness win us over to You, and You expect that we give our­selves over to You in perfect freedom. Impart to us some of Your own kind­ness. Teach us to approach our neighbors in kindness, to meet them in true sympathy, in order to win them for You only through our kind­ness. Eradicate from our hearts whatever is harsh, domineering, selfish, impa­tient, proud or pedantic. Make us able to see, and to desire to serve all in heartfelt, brotherly love. Let us be true witnesses of Your never failing love. 

Reverence and Benevolence

Lord, Your eyes reflect Your Heart. No look was ever so penetrating as Yours; it alone understands our innermost being. But Your look is a look of love: trusting, sympathetic, understanding; Your look never con­demns, even the weak found in sin; a look that shields us against the scathing judgment of men. Grant that our look never judge a man; that we never condemn him or con­sider him wicked; that every opinion of ours be inspired by genuine love and be ready to admit gentle excuses. Let us always extend genuine respect and esteem to all, even when they commit faults which we cannot help but notice, even if they do wrong to us. Let us have respect for the mystery of everyone's conscience, satisfied to trust and hope that the grace of God will work in him. Let us see each one's worth as Your love sees and gives. Let our look and behavior reflect the goodness and kindness of Your Heart. 

Humility and Sincerity

Lord, please give me the Heart of a poor wretched sinner who truly is conscious of his misery and therefore puts his whole hope in God.  Please give me a sincere Heart which de­taches itself completely from worldly possessions and inordinate, selfish ambitions.  Please give me a humble Heart, satisfied and happy in being ignored, to remain in the shadow, and even to be despised and rejected.  Please give me a meek Heart, reflecting Your meekness and the charm of Your love. Please give me an open Heart capable to accept our neighbor as he is and sympathize with his misery.  Please give me a benevolent Heart, a witness and messenger of Your kindness and peace.  Please give me a simple and joyful Heart filled with happiness, even in its own misery, through its trust in Your almighty love. Please give me a reticent Heart passing in silence over evil and malice and forgiving and forgetting every insult. Give me a generous Heart, never refus­ing to serve in love but to spend itself completely. Please give me an immolated Heart offering secretly to God all crosses for the welfare of souls.

Readiness and Service

Lord, You did not consider it beneath You to live among us as the servant of all. You deserve adoration, but You wanted to be the least among us and render us the utmost service. You humbled Yourself in the eyes of men to the point of annihilation by the shameful death on the cross. Let this mystery of Your Heart be a light for our Hearts. Let Your unfathom­able humility destroy our pride. We are athirst for power and tend to avoid every humiliation. Let us realize how much nobler it is to be available rather than to rule; to serve humbly rather than to command; to show reverence rather than to expect reverence and respect for ourselves.  Please teach us how to free ourselves from the promptings of our self-love, so that we may gladly humble ourselves to serve others. Let Your Heart teach us to be available to others, to serve in genuine love which makes us able to become little and keeps us in humble readiness to serve.

IV. Revelation of True Love Dedicated to the Father

Lord, Your whole being is dedicated to Your Father in joyful self-surrender. You willed to be the Heart of a Son turned always in perfect love towards the Father.  You desired to be absorbed in the vision of Your Father. You experienced His closeness at the age of 12 in the temple and later in the solitude of the desert. You gave the best of Your person to this closeness: How perfectly did You pour out Your whole being in the intimate prayer to Your Father.  How ardently did You desire, in Your public life, to do all in Your power to carry out His will. You met Him everywhere, in nature and in men; You fulfilled His will unto death and finally recommended trustfully Your spirit into His hands. Please give us a share in this Your preoccupa-­tion with the Father. Please direct our intellect and our will towards the Father. Let our thoughts and our prayers and all our actions ascend to Him and for His honor. Let us rejoice in seeking His closeness; let us be filled with joy in finding Him every­where, in everything that surrounds us and comes to us from His goodness. Above all, teach us to surrender our­selves to Him without reserve; create in us a Heart capable to love Him as a child loves his father.

Echo of Mercy

Lord, help us to see in the love which You so superabundantly have mani­fested to men, the revelation and mani­festation of the love of our heavenly Father for us. You Yourself have said that You have received Your doctrine from the Father and that Your miracles are the work of Him. Let us discover in the sublimity of Your doctrine the thoughts of Your Father which are light and give light; that Your miracles manifest the infinite goodness of Your Father flowing in a stream of benevolence over all mankind.  Let Your concern for Your disciples and the mercy You showed towards sinners, be for us the echo of the merciful kindness, of Your Father. You sacrificed Yourself for us with such a generous Heart; let us recognize in it the tremendous love of Your Father's Heart, impelling Him to send His Son for the salvation of those who had offended Him. When we find the Father in Your words, actions and affections, let us see the source of it in Your Heart and love. Unite us with the Heart of Your Father in the same love that unites us with Your Heart.

Intense Mother's Love

Lord, teach us to love Your Mother as You loved Her. You put all the love of Your Heart as a child into this love. As a grown-up man You still loved Her in a child­like way, though more maturely and manly, yet not less warmly. You loved Mary not only as Your Mother but also, and even more so, as - the woman who obeyed the will of Your Father in the  most perfect way, without reserve and with a total surrender. Let Your loving enthusiasm inspire and move our Hearts. Please help us to love Mary with the sincere love of a child and the considered admiration of a mature person. You have given Her to us as our Mother; join us to Her in tender love. Let us experience the intimacy of love and life with Her as in Nazareth. You have given Mary a great mission in Your work of Redemption; grant us the gift of genuine reverence and devotion to her, and let our spiritual life grow under the protection of Her Motherly love. Lead us deeply into the Mystery of Your virginal Mother in order to be­come ever more like Her.

Magnanimity and Generosity

Lord, You never dodged hardship and sacrifice. Your Heart opened wide before the greatness and majesty of Your Father and the uncounted multitude of human souls whose welfare You were to secure. Increase our magnanimity. We are always prone to curtail our total surrender.  Break the fetter with which our faintheartedness threatens to crush our love. When we are occupied with our personal interests, or little troubles depress us, let us think how great is the Father and how important the salvation of souls. Make us mag­nanimous as You are that our Hearts may not be discouraged by trifles and become prisoners of their own narrowness, but raise our eyes to the infinite God whom we love and whom we ought to serve. Let the eternal salvation of souls be our great concern. Take away from us all mediocrity, all vain and selfish considerations. Let us become ever more magnanimous and zealous.

Courage in Battle

Lord, You were ever so tender, yet no less strong and demanding of Yourself. You needed heroic courage to defeat Your enemies. You have fought the fight with the never failing and ever invincible bravery of love. You have called us also to this battle; we need heroic strength to properly fulfill our obligations and to resist and overcome opposing temptations. Strengthen us in our weakness by Your strong and resolute Heart. Let us stand firm in the vicissitudes of life. Help us to be victorious in the battle for what is good. Make us ever loyal when tempted by evil. Strengthen our weakness by Your divine power. Make us more courageous without trying to impose on others. Give us the courage of meekness. Give us an abiding patience and kindness. Teach us to conquer as You conquered: through love.

Strength in Suffering

Lord, teach us the real meaning of the true sacrifice of the heart.  You have taken upon Yourself the ignominy of the cross; You have patiently borne innumerable labors and sufferings. In all of them You have surrendered Your Heart to Your Father again and again. You offered to him above all the pain of Your interior sufferings: the indifference, ingrati­tude, hatred and contradiction of Your enemies, their malicious scorn and everything that offended and hurt You. Gladly did You suffer these things in order to surrender everything without reserve. We are inclined to be satisfied with a few external sacrifices and recoil from radical surrender. Give us strength most of all to offer our interior sufferings to Your Father. Do not permit that our self-love rebel against humiliations and offenses. Help us that we may be willing to lose all as You lost all, and to do so with a generous heart. We would wish to be able to rejoice in every trial, thus giving us an opportunity to love God more mag­nanimously.

V. Full of Mercy

Sharing in Suffering Atonement

Lord, You suffered such bitter interior pains to make us somehow realize how much Your Father is being offended. You also intended to show us how beautiful it is to offer to the Father reparation. You did so by Your vicarious suffering for us; let us share in Your total surrender to Your Father, in Your life, and in Your Heart, which has recon­ciled us again with God. Teach us to share in Your work of redemption and strengthen us not to hesitate in our sufferings, to give our very best to the Father as You have done. We intend gladly to offer to the Father hardships and sacrifices as atonement for our sins; let them also help to build Christian community and to draw a flood of divine grace upon this world.


Lord, we offer our reparation for our innumerable sins and for the sins of the whole world: For the hatred with which You and Your Church are persecuted, we promise to You and Your Holy Catholic Church absolute loyalty. For the indifference of those who remain unmoved and insensitive in the face of all Your goodness, we offer our goodwill and firm intention to respond to all Your inspirations. In atonement for the contempt for and transgressions against Your Com­mandments, we offer our readiness to do Your will in everything.  For the cowardice to offer atonement, we present our intention to comply with every least wish of Yours. To make reparation for all injustice and scandal towards our fellow men, we wish to give a good example and to aim at a love of neighbor like unto Yours. In order to make up for discourage­ment and despair, we mean to offer boundless trust in our love. For the ingratitude of so many whom You have showered with Your benefits, we offer in gratitude our own life. To soothe the pains of Your Heart, we dedicate ourselves totally to You. We ask You to please accomplish this dedication of ours to You that it may become a reality for the delight of Your Heart.

Compassion for Sinners

Lord, You came into this world in order to redeem us, because Your Heart is full of compassion for sinners.  You refused absolutely to condemn them; rather You saw in them wounds to be healed, blindness to be cured, lameness to be corrected, chains to be broken. We, too, suffer from these weaknesses, from blindness and hardness of Heart. We, too, are bound by chains that keep us from coming to You; but we bring all our misery to You, our Divine Physician, that You may cure us. Not only do You have compassion with our misery, but You supply remedies to make us whole. Let Your com­passion penetrate my whole being. Immerse us in Your Holiness to destroy the roots of our sins. Create in us new strength to overcome our weakness. Let Your Pardon change us and renew our whole being.

Pierced Heart

Lord, the thrust of the lance is terrible, but also pleasing. It is terrible even though it no longer caused You pain; it looked for whatever life was left in You after You had died. It is also pleasing because it reveals Your Heart and everything You have given for us: the last drop of Your blood. It manifests the beauty of Your love, keeping nothing back in the sacrifice. The wide open wound of Your Heart helps us to fathom the torrent of grace flowing from it.  Lord Jesus, through this wound You have flooded us with the divine blessings of Your surrender; help us to keep our Hearts wide open for them so that our sacrifice may not be useless and Your Heart may not have been pierced with the lance in vain. When we are tempted to resist Your grace in order to please our selflove, remind us of Your pierced Heart. Let us recognize in Your pierced Heart the love that overcame all obstacles in order to win us, to flood us with Your grace and carry us along in an irresistible current of love. 

All-embracing Heart

Lord, it is Your desire to embrace all mankind and to form a community of which You are the center.  Please give us also such an all-embracing Heart, open to all and guided by love towards everyone. Please create in us an ever-growing desire for the unity of mankind held together by the bond of love. Help us to work towards harmony with those who differ from us; give us tolerance and understanding for cultures alien to us. Help us to find ways towards mutual understanding; protect us against undue individualism and nationalism. Make us ready for the sacrifices neces­sary to achieve this unity. Let us find in Your Heart the source of true solidarity, ready to cooperate for the welfare of mankind, eager to eliminate whatever divides and to do all that will lead to a true community spirit. 

VI. Love, the Bond of Unity

Full of Zeal

Lord, help us to love all men without limit, excluding no one.  You have sacrificed Your life for everyone and have embraced all in Your love to the point of shedding Your Blood for them. Let us understand that we, too, should be ready to spend ourselves unreservedly for the apos­tolate.  Let us never be satisfied with the minimum, be it out of carelessness or disappointment. Let us realize that we should not abandon our apostolic efforts, nor be discouraged by oppo­sition or failure.  Please keep us from joining those complacent souls who do not hear the cries of the poor, or refuse to help.  Make us indefatigable in our aposto­late as You have been. Teach us again and again to start with great magna­nimity and ever more dedication. Let us gladly make the sacrifices de­manded by the apostolate, knowing that our efforts become fruitful with Your help. Let us proceed with full trust and confidence. May our mission, to teach many souls to know and love You, consume us completely. 

Plenitude of Joy 

Lord, You underwent Your sacred Passion in order to bring us happiness that our joy may be full. Your Heart spent itself entirely for our eternal happiness.  Let us see the immense value of this gift of joy and let us embrace it wholeheartedly since You purchased it with Your life.  Help us to be filled with interior joy and let us always find it in Your Heart. Keep us ever mindful of Your love and the gift of joy, and increase them more and more through Your goodness. Preserve in us this joy even in difficulties and temptations by letting Your divine joy pour into our sacrifices. Let us not succumb to sadness, as if Your love did not vanquish our ene­mies, as if Your Heart were not capable to console us. In Your Loving Presence let us find the source of our joy over­coming all fatigue and distress. Let Your all-conquering love inundate us and shine upon our neighbor.

Our Peace

Lord, grant us the peace of Your Heart to make our hearts completely peace­ful.  Please bring peace to our mind by Your light and make it strong through Your Pres­ence and loyalty. Give peace to our will by making it perfectly submissive. Give peace through our faith and trust in Your never failing help, sur­rendering ourselves entirely to Your goodness and kindness. Give peace by forgiving when we err, the peace of Your understanding love, which is always guaranteed to us. Give the peace of unity by Your pres­ence among us, and effect unity and reconciliation. Please give peace through Your strength which is ever available to us, the peace of Your victory over the power of evil. Please give us the peace of enduring friend­ship with You, the peace of Your word and of Your silence. Please give us peace because we belong to You, the peace to live and die in You. Please give us lasting peace in our struggles here, and then eternal rest in heaven.


Lord, I thank You for Your abundant love. I thank You for Your Heart and the gift of it to us. I thank You for the love You have so lavishly poured out in our life in deeds of pure love; also for the heroism with which You have spent Yourself for our happiness. I thank You for Your love so abundantly bestowed on us, for all gifts with which You overwhelm us, and for Your un­ending efforts to fill us with Your love. I thank You for the ever abiding fidel­ity of Your love, never discouraged by our faithlessness, always ready to help again. I thank You for the beautiful future You have in store for us, for Your affectionate love, and for heaven that awaits us.




A litany is a well-known and much appreciated form of responsive petition, used in public liturgical services, and in private devotions, for common necessities of the Church, or in calamities ? to implore God's aid or to appease His Just Wrath.


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