690 When the Holy Wood of the Cross had been raised on Mount Calvary, bearing aloft with it the Incarnate Word crucified before speaking any of the 7 Words, Christ prayed interiorly to His Heavenly Father and said: "My Father and Eternal God, I confess and magnify You from this tree of the Cross, and I offer You a Sacrifice of Praise in My Passion and Death; for, by the Hypostatic Union with the Divine Nature, You have raised My humanity to the highest dignity, that of Christ, the God-Man, anointed with Your own Divinity. I confess You on account of the plenitude of the high­est possible graces and glory, which from the first in­stant of My Incarnation You have communicated to My humanity, and because from all eternity up to this pres­ent hour You have consigned to Me full dominion of the universe both in the order of grace and of nature. You have made Me the Lord of the heavens and of the elements (Matt 28:18), of the sun, the moon and the stars; of fire and air, of the earth and the sea, of all the animate and inanimate creatures therein; You have made Me the Disposer of the seasons, of the days and nights, with full lordship and possession according to My free will, and You have set Me as the Head, the King and Lord of all angels and men (Eph 1:21), to govern and command them, to punish the wicked and to reward the good (Jn 5:22); You have given Me the dominion and power of disposing all things from highest heavens to deepest abysses of hell (Rev 20:1). You have placed in My Hands the eternal justification of men, the empires, kingdoms and principalities, the great and the little, the rich and the poor; and of all that are capable of Your grace and glory, You have made Me the Justifier, the Redeemer and Glorifier, the Uni­versal Lord of all the human race, of life and death, of the Holy Church, its treasures, laws and blessings of grace: all have You, My Father, consigned to My Hands, subjected to My Will and My Decrees, and for this I con­fess, exalt and magnify Your Holy Name."

691 "Now, at this moment, My Lord and Eternal Father, when I am returning from this world to Your Right Hand through this Death on the Cross, by which I completed the task of the Redemption of men assigned to Me, I desire that this Cross shall be the tribunal of Our Justice and Mercy. Nailed to it, I desire to judge those for whom I give My Life. Having justified My cause, I wish to dispense the treasures of My coming into the world and of My Passion and Death to the righteous and the reprobate according as each one merits by his works of love or hatred. I have sought to gain all men and invited them to partake of My friendship and grace; from the first moment of My Incarnation I have cease­lessly labored for them; I have borne inconveniences, fatigues, insults, ignominies, reproaches, scourges, a crown of thorns, and now suffer the bitter Death of the Cross; I have implored Your vast kindness upon all of them; I have watched in prayer, fasted and wandered about teaching them the Way of Eternal Life. As far as in Me lay I have sought to secure Eternal Happiness for all men, just as I merited it for all, without excluding any one. I have established and built up the Law of Grace and have firmly and forever established the Church in which all men can be saved."

692 "But in Our knowledge and foresight We are aware, My God and Father, that on account of their malice and rebellious obstinacy not all men desire to accept Our Eternal Salvation, nor avail themselves of Our Mercy and of the way I have opened to them by My Labors, Life and Death; but that many will prefer to follow their sinful ways unto perdition. You are Righteous, My Lord and Father, and most equitable are Your Judg­ments (Ps 69:37); and therefore it is right, since You have made Me the Judge of the living and the dead, of the good and the bad (Acts 10:3), that I give to the good the reward of having served and followed Me, and to sinners the chastisement of their perverse obstinacy; that the righteous should share in My goods, and the wicked be deprived of the inheritance, which they refuse to ac­cept. Now then, My Eternal Father, in  Your Name and In My Name and for Your glorification, I make My last bequest according to My human will, which is conformable to Your Eternal and Divine Will. First shall be mentioned My most pure Mother, who gave Me human existence; Her I constitute My sole and universal Heiress of all the gifts of nature, of grace and of glory that are Mine. She shall be Queen and Possessor of them all. The gifts of grace, of which as a mere creature She is capa­ble, She shall actually receive now, while those of glory I promise to confer upon Her in their time. I desire that She shall be Queen of angels and men, claim over them full possession and dominion and command the service and obedience of all. The demons shall fear Her and be subject to Her. All the irrational crea­tures, the heavens, the stars, the planets, the elements with all the living beings, the birds, the fishes and the animals contained in them, shall likewise be subject to Her and acknowledge Her as Queen, exalting and glorifying Her with Me. I wish also that She be the Treasurer and Dispenser of all the goods in heaven and on earth. Whatever She ordains and disposes in My Church for My children, the sons of men, shall be con­firmed by the 3 Divine Persons; and whatever She shall ask for men now, afterwards and forever, We shall concede according to Her will and wishes."

693"To the Holy Angels, who have obeyed Your Holy and Righteous Will, I assign as habitation the highest heavens as their proper and eternal abode, and with it the joys of eternal vision and fruition of Our Divinity. I desire that they enjoy its everlasting possession together with Our company and friendship. I decree, that they recog­nize My Mother as their legitimate Queen, that they serve Her, accompany and attend upon Her, bear Her up in their hands in all places and times, obeying Her in all that She wishes to ordain and command. The devils, rebellious to Our Perfect and Holy will, I cast out and deprive of Our vision and company; again do I condemn them to Our abhorrence, to eternal loss of Our friendship and glory, to privation of the vision of My Mother, of the saints and of My friends, the righteous. I appoint and assign to them as their eternal dwelling the place most remote from Our Royal Throne, namely the infernal caverns, the center of the earth, deprived of light and full of the horrors of sensible darkness (Jude 6). I decree this to be their portion and inheritance, as chosen by them in their pride and obstinacy against the Divine Being and decrees. In those eternal dun­geons of darkness they shall be tormented by everlasting and inextinguishable fire."

694"From the multitude of men, in the fullness of My good will, I call, select and separate all the righteous and the predestined, who through My grace save them­selves by imitating Me, doing My Will and obeying My Holy Law. These, next to My most pure Mother, I appoint as the inheritors of all My Mysteries, My bless­ings, My Sacramental Treasures, of the Mysteries con­cealed in the Holy Scriptures; of My humility, meek­ness of heart; of the virtues of faith, hope, and charity; of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance; of My Divine gifts and favors; of My Cross, labors, con­tempt, poverty and nakedness. This shall be their por­tion and inheritance in this present and mortal life.  Since they must choose these in order to labor profitably, I assign to them the trials I have chosen for Myself in this life, as a pledge of My friendship, in order that they may undergo them with joy. I offer them My pro­tection and defense, My Holy Inspirations, My favors and powerful assistance, My blessings and My justifi­cation, according to each one's disposition and degree of love. I promise to be to them a Father, a Brother and a Friend, and they shall be My chosen and beloved children, and as such I appoint them as the inheritors of all My merits and treasures without limitation. I de­sire that all who dispose themselves, shall partake of the goods of My Holy Church and of the Sacraments; that, if they should lose My friendship, they shall be able to restore themselves and recover My graces and blessings through My Cleansing Blood. For all of them shall be open the Intercession of My Mother and the saints, and She shall recognize them as Her children, shielding them and holding them as Her own. My An­gels shall defend them, guide them, protect them and bear them up in their hands lest they stumble, and if they fall, they shall help them to rise" (Ps 91:11,12).

695"Likewise it is My Will that My righteous and chosen ones shall stand high above the reprobate and devils, that they shall be feared and obeyed by My ene­mies; that all the rational and irrational creatures shall serve them; that all the influences of the heavens, the planets and the stars shall favor them and give them life; that the earth, its elements and animals, shall sus­tain them; all the creatures, that are Mine and serve Me, shall be theirs, and shall serve also them as My children and friends (1 Cor 3:22; Wis 16:24), and their blessing shall be in the dew of heaven and in the fruits of the earth (Gen 27:28). I wish to hold with them My delights (Prov 8:31), communicate to them My secrets, converse with them intimately and live with them in the militant Church in the species of bread and wine, as an earnest and an infallible pledge of the eternal happiness and glory promised to them; of it, I make them partakers and heirs, in order that they may enjoy it with Me in heaven by perpetual right and in unfailing beatitude."

696 "I consent that the foreknown and reprobate (though they were created for another and much higher end), shall be permitted to possess as their portion and inheritance the concupiscence of the flesh and the eyes (1 Jn 2:15-17), pride in all its effects; that they eat and be satisfied with the dust of the earth, namely, with riches; with the fumes and the corruption of the flesh and its delights, and with the vanity and presumption of the world. For such possessions have they labored, and applied all the diligence of their mind and body; in such occupations have they consumed their powers, their gifts and blessings bestowed upon them by Us, and they have of their own free will chosen deceit, despising the truth I have taught them in the Holy Law (Rom 2:8). They have rejected the law which I have written in their hearts and the one inspired by My Grace; they have despised My Teachings and My Blessings, and lis­tened to My and their own enemies; they have accepted their deceits, have loved vanity (Ps 4:3), wrought unrighteousness, followed their ambitions, sought their delight in vengeance, persecuted the poor, humiliated the righteous, mocked the simple and the innocent, strove to exalt themselves and desired to be raised above all the cedars of Lebanon in following the laws of unrighteousness" (Ps 37:35).

697 "Since they have done all this in opposition to Our Divine Goodness and remained obstinate in their malice, and since they have renounced the rights of son-ship merited for them by Me, I disinherit them of My friendship and glory. Just as Abraham separated the children of the slave, setting aside some possessions for them and reserving the principal heritage for Isaac, the son of the freedwoman Sarah (Gen 25:5), thus I set aside their claims on My inheritance by giving them the transitory goods, which they themselves have chosen. Separating them from Our company and from that of My Mother, of the Angels and Saints, I condemn them to the eternal dungeons and the fire of hell in the com­pany of satan and his demons, whom they have freely served, I deprive them forever of all hope of relief. This is, O My Father, the sentence which I pronounce as the Head and the Judge of men and Angels (Eph 4:15; Col 2:10), and this is the testament made at My Death, this is the effect of My Redemption, whereby each one is rewarded with that which he has justly merited according to his works and according to Your Incomprehensible Wisdom in the Equity of Your Strictest Justice" (2 Tim 4:8). Such was the prayer of Christ our Savior on the Cross to His Eternal Father. It was sealed and deposited in the heart of the most Holy Mary as the Mysterious and Sacramental Testament, in order that through Her intercession and solicitous care it might at its time, and even from that moment, be exe­cuted in the Church, just as it had before this time been prepared and perfected by the Wise Providence of God, in Whom all the past and the future is always one with the present.


698 …Seek with all the powers of your mind during your whole life to remember the mysteries manifested to you.    

… Never forget the Sufferings of the Cross and the doctrine taught by Him upon it.

Live crucified with Christ, entirely assimi­lated to your exemplar and model and dead to this earthly life (2 Cor 5:15).