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This Website Contains the Life Of The Mother of God in 4 Volumes, entitled: 
Mystical City of God:  Conception, Incarnation, Transfixion, and the Coronation. 

Mary is described as the Queen of the Universe, and all of God's creation is seen as subject to Christ the King and His Mother as Queen.  In other words, God created the whole universe for Christ and His Mother, the Queen of the Universe. In the Old Testament, the queen was not the wife of the king but his mother. (See 1 Kings 2:19 where Solomon's mother is seated on a throne on his right side.) The work was translated from Spanish to king James English that was so thick that it was a wonder that so many people could get through it.  But we thought that many more would read it if only the thick language were lightened up. We couldn't get rid of all the archaic language; we had to leave some colorful words like whatsoever. But we got rid of all the thou's and thee's.  We found it objectionable to use thou's and thee's in referring to God and leaving them uncapitalized; so in the interest of reverence, we capitalized all pronouns referring to God as well as many nouns and all personal pronouns referring to the Mother of God.  And we capitalized when we wished to emphasize something important like the Wrath of God and the Mercy of God, both of which lasts forever.  We also demoted satan and his fellow devils including the apostle judas. They are uncapitalized. I also use numbers rather than words: hence, 12, not twelve. For big numbers, it sure makes for easier reading. We now interrupt our website introduction to  add the table of contents for the entire  Mystical City of God so you can begin to read the areas which attract your attention.


Manifested to Sr. Mary of Jesus, Prioress of the Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Agreda, Spain For new enlightenment of the world, for rejoicing of the Catholic Church, and encouragement of men.
Translated from the Spanish by Fiscar Marison (Fr. George Blatter)
"Twelve years of labor in translation, and many more years of expense and sacrifice, are not too great a price to pay for opening up such a treasure as CIUDAD to the millions of English-speaking people." Respectfully, FISCAR MARISON, Translator, South Chicago, IL. 

God Himself taught Her. 



The Divine Fore-ordainment of Christ and His Mother as the Highest Ideals of all Creation; of the Creation of the Angels and Men as their Servants; of the Lineage of the Righteous, Finally Resulting in the Immaculate Conception and Birth of the Queen of Heaven; and of Her Life up to Her Presentation in the Temple

INTRODUCTION                               19 paragraphs                                       (*Paragraph Number)
CH 1 Concerning 2 Special Visions of the Lord, which Compelled Me to Withdraw From Earthly Things.   1*
CH 2 How the Lord Manifested to Me the Mysteries of the Life of the Queen of Heaven.  12 *
CH 3 Concerning Knowledge of the Divinity, and of the Decree of the Creation of the World    26 *       
CH 4 Divine Decrees are Classified according to Instants; What God Determined to Communicate    35*
CH 5 Instructions concerning Holy Scriptures, and in Particular concerning Proverbs 8.                        52*
CH 6 The Answer to my Doubt, Regarding the Doctrine Contained in these Chapters 72
CH 7 Angels and Men were Created to be His people Under the Incarnate Word                     80
CH 8  Follow up of the Previous Discourse by the Explanation of Revelation 12.            94
CH 9   The Explanation of Revelation 12 Continued   106
CH 10 The Explanation of Revelation 12 is concluded. 120
CH 11 The Lord had before His Mind Christ Our Lord and His Mother In the Creation.          134
CH 12 Clamors for the Coming of the Redeemer Increased; 2 Morning stars of the Law of Grace  164
CH 13 How the Conception of Mary was Announced, and How God Prepared Holy Ann     178
CH 14 God Makes Known to the Angels the Decree for the Conception of Mary.  190
CH 15 Of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God through Divine Power                  209
CH 16 How Mary Exercised Her God-given Virtues, and Instructions for Imitating Her           225
CH 17 Still Treating of the Mystery of the Concep­tion of Holy Mary and Explaining Revelation 21  244
CH 18 Sequel of the Mystery of the Conception of the Most Holy Mary as Described in Revelation 21  265
CH 19 The Portion of Revelation 21 Describing the Conception of the Most Holy Mary 283
CH 20 The Pregnancy of St. Anne; the Doings of Holy Mary, and those of St. Ann    312
CH 21 Of the Birth of the Most Holy Mary and the Favors, which She then Received.      326
CH 22 St. Anne complies with the Law of Moses in regard to Childbirth, and Mary as an infant.    345
CH 23 The Holy Guardian Angels Converse with the Blessed Mary    361
CH 24 Of the Holy Exercises and Occupations of the Queen in the First Year and a Half of Her Infancy     378
CH 25 How Mary Began to Speak; and How She Spent Her Time until Her Departure to the Temple.   389

PARAGRAPHS 413 - 802

The Presentation of the Princess of Heaven In the Temple, the Favors She Received at the Hand of God, the Sublime Perfection with which She Observed the Rules of the Temple, the Heavenly Excellence of Her Heroic Virtues and Visions, Her Espousal and Events up to the Incarnation of the Son of God. 

CH 1   The Presentation of the Most Holy Mary in the Temple    413 *                                 (*Paragraph Numbers)   
CH 2   A Grace, which the Almighty Conferred on Mary in the Temple                         429 *
CH 3   Instruction that the Queen of Heaven Gave Me concerning the Vows of My Profession   444 *  
CH 4   Holy Mary in the Temple, and of the Exercises that She was ordered to Undertake         463 *
CH 5   Of the Perfections of the Most Holy Mary in the Practice of Virtues in General 481 *
CH 6   Of the Virtue of Faith, and How Most Holy Mary Practiced It            488 *
CH 7   Of the Virtue of Hope, and How the Virgin Our Lady Practiced It        505
CH 8   Of the Virtue of Charity in the Most Holy Mary, Our Lady                 516
CH 9   Of the Virtue of Prudence as Practiced by the Most Holy Queen of Heaven       533
CH 10  Of the Virtue of Justice, as Practiced by Mary    553
CH 11 The Virtue of Fortitude, as Practiced by Holy Mary          571      
CH 12 The Virtue of Temperance as Practiced by Mary                      583
CH 13 Of the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit and How Mary Made use of Them  599
CH 14 Explanation of the Divine Visions Enjoyed by Mary and their effects              615
CH 15 Description of Visions and Communications, which Mary Enjoyed with the Angels     646
CH 16 Mary in the Temple Continued; the Lord Prepares Her for Troubles; Her Father Dies 660
CH 17 Mary Begins to Suffer Affliction; God Absents Himself From Her.   677
CH 18 Afflictions of Our Queen, Through the devil and of Creatures         689
CH 19 God Enlightens the Priest concern­ing Holy Mary; The Approaching Death of Her Mother           713
CH 20 The Most High Manifests Himself to Mary, by Conferring on Her an Extraordinary Favor.         728
CH 21 The Most High Commands Mary to Enter the State of Matrimony and Her Response 742
CH 22 The Espousal of Most Holy Mary with St. Joseph                               755
CH 23 An Explanation of Proverbs 31, Regarding the Life of Mary in Matrimony     772
CH 24 The Same Subject Continued: the Rest of Proverbs 31 is Explained                785  




                                                                                                                      (*Paragraph numbers)

CH. 1   The 9 day Novena preparing Mary for the Incarnation. The events of the 1st day      * 
CH. 2   The Lord continues preparing Mary for the Incarnation of the Word on the 2nd day       16 *
CH. 3   The Graces conferred to Mary on the 3rd day of the novena.          27 *
CH. 4    The Lord continues His Graces on the 4th day                              38 *
CH. 5    New mysteries together with the works of the 5th day of the Creation.        47 *    
CH. 6    The works of Day 6 of Creation manifested and additional mysteries explained.      59 *
CH. 7    The inauguration of the nuptials of the Incarnation               70
CH. 8    Our Lady pleads for the hastening of the Incarnation            87
CH. 9    Our Lady made the Queen of the universe                            99
CH. 10   Archangel Gabriel announces to Mary that She is chosen to be the Mother of God.    109
CH. 11   The Incarnation of the Eternal Word                               123
CH. 12   The actions of the Soul of Christ in the first instant of His Conception         144
CH. 13   The state in which Our Lady found herself after the Incarnation               158
CH. 14   The attention and care of Our Lady for the Fruit of Her Womb             180
CH. 15   The Lord informs Our Lady of His Will that She visit St. Elisabeth               190
CH. 16   Our Lady’s Journey to visit St. Elizabeth and Her arrival                               200
CH. 17   Our Lady’s Salutation to St. Elisabeth and the Sanctification of St. John.             215
CH. 18   Our Lady’s life in the house of Zechariah’s; Conversations with St. Elizabeth                     231
CH. 19   Conversations with St. Elizabeth and with Angels.         243
CH. 20   Special favors given by Our Lady to several people of Zechariah’s household        254
CH. 21   St. Elizabeth asks Our Lady to assist at her confinement                  261
CH. 22   The birth of St. John, the Precursor of Christ             270
CH. 23   The Circumcision of St. John and Guidance which Our Lady gave St. Elizabeth      283
CH. 24   Our Lady leaves the house of Zechariah and returns home to Nazareth           304
CH. 25   The Journey of Our Lady to Her home in Nazareth   314
CH. 26   The demons to take counsel against Our Lady                 322
CH. 27    The Lord prepares Our Lady to meet satan in battle                335
CH. 28    Our Lady conquers satan and his legions      359



Describing the Anxieties of St. Joseph on Account of the Pregnancy of Most Holy Mary, the Birth of Christ our Lord, His Circumcision, the Adoration of the Kings, the Presentation of the Infant Jesus In the Temple, the Flight Into Egypt, the Death of the Holy Innocents, and the Return to Nazareth.

CH. 1    The anxiety of St. Joseph over the Pregnancy of Our Lady.    375 *   (*Paragraph Number)
CH. 2    The anxieties of St. Joseph Increase. He prays about His resolve to leave His Spouse.          388 *
CH. 3    The Angel of the Lord makes known to St. Joseph the Mystery of the Incarnation    397 *
CH. 4    St. Joseph asks for the pardon of Our Lady who consoles him                        407 *
CH. 5    St. Joseph resolves to devote himself entirely to the service of Our Lady       418 * 
CH. 6    Spiritual Conversations of Our Lady and St. Joseph, and other events                       428 *
CH. 7    Our Lady prepares the swaddling clothes with ardent longing to see Him Born          438
CH. 8   All Subjects of the Empire are commanded to register and St. Joseph’s response.      448
CH. 9    St. Joseph and Our Lady travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem             456
CH. 10  Christ our Savior is born in Bethlehem                        468     
CH. 11  The Holy Angels Announce the Birth of Our Lord to the Shepherds       489 
CH. 12  Mysteries of the Birth of Our Lord and other events leading up to the Circumcision      500
CH. 13  Our Lady and St. Joseph confer about the Circumcision of the Divine Infant                  513
CH. 14  The Divine Infant is circumcised and receives the Name Jesus.                     530
CH. 15  Our Lady waits for the coming of the Magi Kings           540                                
CH. 16  The 3 Kings of the Orient come to adore Christ in Bethlehem             552
CH. 17  The Magi return for a parting visit and return home by a different route     565
CH. 18  Our Lady and St. Joseph distribute the gifts received from the Magi          573
CH. 19  Our Lady and St. Joseph depart to Present the Infant Jesus in the Temple             585
CH. 20  The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple        596
CH. 21  The Angel tells St. Joseph to take the Divine Infant and His Mother and flee to Egypt         606
CH. 22  The Holy Family begins the Journey to Egypt; they arrive at Gaza         619
CH. 23  The Holy Family leaves Gaza to go to Heliopolis.            630   
CH. 24  The Holy Family makes their way to Heliopolis where Great Miracles are wrought          641    
CH. 25  The Holy Family dwells near Heliopolis.  Their Daily Life during their banishment           653      
CH. 26  The Wonders Wrought by The Holy Family at Heliopolis in Egypt              664       
CH. 27  Herod resolves to murder the Holy Innocents.  St. John is concealed by His family        672
CH. 28  The Infant Jesus celebrates the day of His Incarnation and Birth     681
CH. 29  The Infant Jesus is clothed in the Seamless Tunic; The Observances of the Lord          691
CH. 30  The Holy Family returns to Nazareth at the Command of the Lord           702 





Concerning the Perfection with which the most Holy Mary copied and Imitated the Activity of the Soul of Christ; how the Incarnate Word Instructed Her in the Laws of Grace, the Articles of Faith, the Sacraments, the 10 Commandments; and with what Alacrity and Noble Promptitude She Corresponded.  Also concerning the Death of Saint Joseph, the Preaching of Saint John, the Fasting and the Baptism of our Redeemer, the call of the First Disciples and the Baptism of the Virgin Mary, our Blessed Lady. (*Paragraph Number) 

CH 1.   The Lord distances Himself from Our Lady.  The reasons for this behavior are explained.    *  
CH 2.   Mary is instructed in the Law of Grace.  All that had been hidden to Her becomes visible.            15 *        
CH 3.   Our Lady and St. Joseph go to Jerusalem taking Jesus with them to fulfill the law.     26 *
CH 4.   Jesus goes to Jerusalem with His parents where He conceals Himself from them in the Temple.    35 *
CH 5.   Our Lady and St. Joseph find Jesus in the Temple disputing with the teachers after 3 days.           47 * 
CH 6.   Our Lady experiences a vision which assist in making Her a perfect Image of the Evangelical Law  64
CH 7.   The purposes of the instruction of Our Lady.  How she put these instructions into practice        74
CH 8.   How Our Lady practiced the teachings of the Gospel as taught Her by Her Divine Son.               84
CH 9.    How the most holy Mary was instructed in the Articles of the Faith      96
CH 10.  Most Holy Mary is enlightened on the 10 Commandments.  How She applied it.      106
CH 11.   Our Lady’s foreknowledge of the 7 Sacraments and the 5 Precepts of the Church.     119
CH 12.   Our Lord and His Mother pray for our welfare.                135
CH 13.   Most Holy Mary plans to support Her Most Holy Son and St. Joseph.     144
CH 14.   The Queen of Heaven nurses Her spouse St. Joseph in the last years of his life.             153
CH 15.   The happy death of St. Joseph.  Our Lord and His Mother assist in his passing away               162
CH 16.   Some of the privileges of St. Joseph and other particulars.                 175
CH 17.   Our Lady’s dealings with the Angels and other particulars after the death of St. Joseph     184
CH 18.   Mysteries and Occupations of Our Lord and His Mother while they lived alone.             188
CH 19.   Christ  prepares for His public preaching.  His Mother assists Him.               209
CH 20.   The devil attempts to hinder the works of Christ and His Mother      222
CH 21.   The Holy Spirit sends St John the Baptist forth to preach.                    231
CH 22.   Holy Mary offers Her Only Begotten Son for the Redemption of man to the Eternal Father.  240
CH 23.   Our Lady’s occupations during the absence of Her Most Holy Son.                254
CH 24.   Our Savior is baptized by St. John, St. John Asks to be baptized by the Savior     263
CH 25.   Our Redeemer goes to the desert, where He gains great victories over our vices.     274
CH 26.  The Lord is tempted by the devil.  He vanquishes him.      284
CH 27.   Christ returns to the place where St. John was baptizing.  He calls His first disciples.             298
CH 28.   Christ begins to select His disciples and begins to preach. His Mother follows Him.     306  
CH 29.   Christ returns to Nazareth with the 5 first disciples.  He baptizes His Mother.              314 



The Marriage at Cana; How Most Holy Mary Accompanied the Redeemer of the World In His Preaching; the Humility shown by the Heavenly Queen in regard to the Miracles Wrought by Her Divine Son; the Transfiguration of the Lord; His Entrance Into Jerusalem; His Passion and Death; His Triumph over satan and his demons by His Death on the Cross; the Most Sacred Resurrection of the Savior and His Wonderful Ascension into Heaven    
                                                                                             *Paragraph Number
CH 1.    Christ manifests Himself by His first miracle at the request of His most Blessed Mother.  322 *  
CH 2.    Our Lady accompanies Her Son in His Preaching Tours, bearing many hardships.     333 *                           
CH 3.    The Humility of Our Lady and the instruction on Humility, which She gave to the Apostles.     342*
CH 4.    The devil is disturbed by the miracles of Christ.  Herod beheads St. John      355 *
CH 5.    Christ blesses those Apostles devoted to His Mother. Judas neglects this devotion.           368 *
CH 6.    The Transfiguration. The Journey to Jerusalem before the Passion   388 *
CH 7.    The Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem; His reception   404
CH 8.    The demons discuss the Triumph of Christ in Jerusalem.      417
CH 9.    Christ leaves His Mother on Holy Thursday.   She requests Holy Communion.      430
CH 10.  Christ celebrates the Last Supper, and washes their feet.    445
CH 11.  Christ institutes the Eucharist, His Mother receives Holy Communion.      469
CH 12.  Christ in the Garden and its Mysteries.                 493
CH 13.  Christ is taken prisoner by the treason of Judas.     512
CH 14.  The Apostles disperse.  The Perdition of Judas.    529
CH 15.  Christ bound as a Prisoner is dragged to the house of Annas.      545  
CH 16.  Christ is dragged to the house of Caiaphas.  St. Peter denies Him..  557
CH 17.  The Sufferings of Christ and the Great Sorrow of His Mother after the Denial of St Peter    572  
CH 18. The council meets Friday morning.  They send Our Savior to Pilate.     586  
CH 19.  Pilate sends Our Savior to Herod.  Herod returns Him to Pilate. .     603  
CH 20.  Our Savior is scourged, mocked and crowned with thorns.    624 
CH 21.  The Author of Life is sentenced to death.  Our Lord takes up the Cross.   643  
CH 22.  The Crucifixion.  The 7 Last Words from the Cross.     664 

              THE LAST WILL AND TESTIMONY OF CHRIST               690
CH 23. The Triumph of Christ over the devil. The Prophecy of Habakkuk.  The devils convene in hell     701
CH 24. The Side of Christ is pierced.  The Lord is taken down and buried.   715
CH 25. The Queen of Heaven consoles St. Peter and the other Apostles.       743
CH 26. The Resurrection of Christ and His Apparition to His Most Blessed Mother.  755
CH 27. Some Apparitions of Christ to the Apostles and to the Mary’s.    766
CH 28. Mysteries in the Life of Mary after the Resurrection.      784      
CH 29.  Christ Our Redeemer Ascends into Heaven. Blessings to His Mother      798 




INTRODUCTION TO THE CORONATION   28 PARAGRAPHS                         * Paragraph Number
CH 1    Our Lady descends from Heaven in order to assist and instruct the Church  *    
CH 2    Revelation 21 describes Our Lady descending from Heaven    10 *
CH 3    Explanation of Revelation 21 concluded   26 *
CH 4    Our Lady descends from Heaven; meets with the Apostles. Our Lord visits Her   39 *
CH 5    The Coming of the Holy Spirit    58 *
CH 6    The Apostles preach to the multitude. About 3,000 converted    73 *
CH 7    Some difficulties resolved; new converts baptized; The first Mass   96  
CH 8    Eucharistic Miracle and Our Lady            118
CH 9    Our Lady defends and protects the faithful against the devil who is persecuting the Church   135
CH 10  Our Lady blesses the Apostles through Her Angels; A death bed conversion; those who damned themselves   155
CH 11  The prudence of Our Lady in governing the faithful; Her dealings with St. Stephen              179
CH 12  The persecution of the Church; the Labors of Mary; the Apostles compose the Apostle’s Creed               202
CH 13  Our Lady sends the Creed out; The Apostles partition the earth among themselves               222
CH 14  Our Lady’s role in the conversion of St. Paul     248
CH 15  The immortal combat; How God defends us; The demons plot against the Queen and the Church    277
CH 16  The demons new attempt to persecute the Church; She visits St. Jacob in Spain    307
CH 17  The devil stirs up another persecution.  Our Lady moves to Ephesus; then visits St. Jacob in Spain       334
                                                  BOOK 2                    *Paragraph Number

CH 1     Our Lady and St. John go to Ephesus.  St. Paul returns to Jerusalem.  St. Jacob visits Our Lady.     365 *
CH 2     St. Jacob is martyred.  Our Lady assists him.  The imprisonment and liberation of St. Peter   392 *
CH 3     The death and chastisement of Herod.  The devil battles the Queen of Heaven.    413 *
CH 4     Our Lady destroys a pagan temple.  The Lord prepares Her for battle with the devil.          431 *
CH 5     Our Lady returns to Jerusalem She continues Her battle with the demons. Other mysteries   456 *
CH 6     Out Lady visits the Holy Places.  She triumphs over the demons. The Apostles convoke a council      480 *
CH 7     Our Lady triumph over the demons as described in Revelation 12  505
CH 8     God rewards Our Lady over Her victory over the demons      533    
 9     Our Lady role in the composition of the 4 Gospels. Our Lady gives various blessings to the Apostles.   557
CH 10   How Our Lady kept in remembrance the Passion.  Her reverence and other events of Her holy life.   575  
 11   The Lord gives new graces and Blessings to Our Lady above those described in Chapter 8    595
CH 12   How Our Lady celebrated Her Immaculate Conception and Nativity    611
CH 13   Our Lady commemorates various blessings with Her Angels, especially Her Presentation  625
CH 14   How Our Lady celebrated the Incarnation and Nativity and gave thanks for these Blessings      642
CH 15   Our Lady commemorates Her Son’s Baptism, the Eucharist, the Passion and Resurrection   662
CH 16   How Our Lady celebrated the Descent of the Holy Spirit and other anniversaries                680
CH 17   Archangel Gabriel informs Our Lady that She would die in 3 years.      696
CH 18   The desires for the beatifi
c vision increase in Our Lady’s last days.        713
CH 19   The happy transition of Our Lady in the presence of Apostles and disciples           732
CH 20   The burial of Our Lady            747     
 21   The Soul of Our Lady enters Heaven and returns to resuscitate Her body   760
CH 22   Our Lady is crowned as Queen of Heaven and of all creatures.  775   
CH 23  
 The author Sr. Mary of Jesus praises the Lord for choosing her to write this history.  786



Incorrupted Saints  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbMuB3leqKQ    MARY OF IS ONE OF MANY INCORRUPTIBLES  ON THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO 
The archaic language of the past has been replaced with modern American usage and spelling. This was done without destroying its original flavor. Many Scripture references needed to be corrected and updated. Latin abbreviations were replaced with English ones. If I missed some, email me and let me know. The names of 2 Apostles are restored in this edition; the British called these Apostles, “James” to honor their king.  Their real name was Jacob (Yacob in Hebrew and Greek. Neither Language has a “J”, but Jacob is close enough). The Latin agrees with the Greek on this. Honoring a king of England was not a sufficient reason for changing the names of 2 Apostles.  Finally the spiritual advice given by the Mother of God is of such immense value that I have found it helpful to copy and paste portions that speak to my heart into my prayer journal.  Thus I can reread them more frequently. I recommend this to everyone. 


Luke 1:28 in the Greek relates the message of the Archangel Gabriel from God to Mary inviting Her to accept God’s invitation to be the Mother of His Divine Son. “Rejoice, Full of Grace,” the Archangel says to Her.  Full of Grace is a new name for Mary and it should be capitalized. Modern Bible translations water down the  “Full of Grace” to something like “favored one” but any Greek Orthodox priest can verify that “Full of Grace” is the accurate translation. They know their Greek.  Romans 3:23 says “… all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” Christ is obviously excluded in this all and so is His Mother.  The “all” refers to all ordinary men and women.  Common sense tells us that millions have never sinned, babies that is, but they will sin when they grow a few years.  In Revelation 12, the Mother of God is portrayed as a Queen with a crown of 12 stars on Her head. The dragon, or the devil spits out a flood (of temptations) to conquer the Mother of God, but he fails and then goes to make war against the rest of “Her seed,” those who belong to Christ, Her Divine Son.  From the Old Testament, we learn that the Queen is the mother of the king, not one of the wives of the king. See 1 Kings 2:19. 



Nothing that essentially differs from the teachings of the Catholic Church can rightfully be taught or believed by anyone or under any pretext. Moreover, even the essential doctrines can be taught and expounded only in the sense and spirit ap­proved, or at least not disapproved, by the Church. This at once will establish the position which private revelations, whether coming from Heaven or originat­ing from hallucination, merely human or devilish, hold in the Church of God.  God can and does manifest to chosen souls hidden things in addition to what He teaches through the public ministry of His Church. He sometimes reveals them to His friends for the express purpose of communicating this extra knowledge to other well-disposed persons through the natural and human means at the disposal of those receiving His revelations. These manifestations He invariably surrounds with enough evidence to satisfy all requirements of a cautious and well-founded human belief. It follows naturally that whenever He thus sur­rounds private revelations with evidences of their heav­enly origin, He will be pleased with a rational and lov­ing belief and dissatisfied with a captious and obstinate unbelief of the facts or truths thus privately revealed. Where, however, these external evidences are lacking, or wherever Holy Church intimates the least direct or in­direct disapproval, there any faith in private revelation would be not only foolish, but also positively wrong.


The Church has as yet given no public and full approval to private revelations of any kind; nor will she ever do so, since that would be really an addition to the deposit of faith left by Christ. But tacitly and indirectly she has approved many private revelations, and among them the writings of Mary of Agreda. She could well do so, since there are no writings of that kind, which exhibit more reliable human proofs of Divine origin than the "Ciudad de Dios" of the Venerable Servant of God, Mary of Jesus of Agreda.  The existence of the Bible justifies the query, whether there are not other books that have been written under supernatural guidance, though we know of course that none of them can ever have the same importance and authenticity as the Bible. For the Bible was provided as the record of the general revelations of God to man­kind at all its stages to the end of times.


Evidently there remains an immense domain of truths outside the range of natural human knowledge and not specially revealed in the Bible. You will at once say that whole field is covered by the one true religion. Of course it is. The teaching and ministry of men especially appointed for that purpose, the practice and example of those eminent in the Christian virtues, the writings of those versed in higher truths, are the ordinary means of spreading truth and leading men to their great destiny. But besides all this, history proves that God, for special purposes, often grants to His friends higher insight into supernatural truths and facts, which, if at His command they are recorded in writing, are intended by Him as an additional source of higher knowledge and well deserve to be considered as private revelations.


Hence it would be foolish not to demand the closest inquiry into anything put forward as private revelation. Fortunately it is easy to apply sure and unfailing tests. All that is necessary is to ascertain the character and motives of the writer and the result or drift of his/her writ­ings.


Would it not be absurd to concede the communica­tion with evil spirits or departed souls, damned or other­wise, (and all reasonable people concede it), and deny the possibility of communing with the good spirits or souls and with God? Who would want to limit the power of God in this way? It will not do to claim that all the communication of God and the good spirits takes the ordinary course provided in the public ministry of the true religion, for it does not. St. Paul saw things that he dared not reveal, though he was not slow in writing down his other revelations. The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Infallibility was privately revealed many times before they were officially defined and accepted as self-understood truths by all reasonable men. Before these doctrines were defined, who had the greater prudence and insight? Those peo­ple who refused to believe these truths because they were privately revealed, or those who examined those reve­lations and finding them humanly credible, and not con­trary to the true religion, simply accepted them as re­vealed by God? I should think the latter showed them­selves ahead of their times and far more enlightened in their belief than the former, who persisted in unbelief concerning all private revelations.


If we find that the author of alleged private revelations has been a faithful adherent of the one true re­ligion established by God, that he has led a good and blameless life, that his writings do not run counter to the Bible nor to the public teachings of the true Church, that he was not actuated by motives of selfish gain, that the writings themselves tend toward the practice of perfection both as far as the writer as well as the reader is concerned, that they have not been openly disapproved by the Church ; then certainly, if the information recorded is such that it would presuppose supernatural inspiration or direct communi­cation with the higher world, we are not justified in immediately rejecting the writings as fraudulent. Closer examination may easily lead to reasonable certainty that they are privately revealed. But we all know that this acceptance can never mean anything more than a mere human belief, not the belief of faith, such as for instance is demanded by Holy Scripture.


MARY Of AGREDA was the daughter of Francis Coronel and Catherine of Arana, born April 2, 1602, in the small town of Agreda near Tarazona in Spain. In 1617 she entered the convent of the discalced Franciscan Nuns in the Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Agreda. In 1625 she was chosen abbess, and, except during a short intermission, was re-elected every three years until she died, in 1665. The fame of her prudence and foresight, not only in the gov­ernment of her convent but in other matters, soon spread outside the convent walls and persons of the highest rank in state and Church were eager to obtain her counsel in important affairs. King Philip IV visited her several times in her convent and corresponded with her about national affairs for many years. But she was no less famous for her exalted virtues. In many respects her life was a faithful copy of that of St. Francis. The miracle of bilocation related of her is in fact more remarkable and lasted a longer time than that recorded anywhere in the lives of the saints. Her good sense, her truthfulness, her sincerity, her humility, her unselfish love of God and man eminently adapted her for the communication of messages from God to men.  She finished her history in 1665.  The original is preserved in the convent of Agreda.


God's Almighty Power is not restricted to any particular instrument; He creates out of nothing. In the case of Balaam, He used not only a wicked man but also even his beast for special revelation. It does seem that He prefers women for private revelation. He chose men to reveal the great public truths of the Bible and to attend to the public teaching, but to women in the new law He seems to have consigned the task of private revelations. We infer from this that they are better adapted for this work. In fact, no special learning or great natural insight is required of a messenger; such qualities might tend to corrupt or narrow down the in­spired message to mere human proportions, whereas pri­vate revelation is given precisely for the purpose of communicating higher truths than can be known or understood naturallyHumility, great piety, love and deep faith are the requisites of God's special messengers. Women as a rule are more inclined to these virtues than men, and therefore are not so apt to trim the message of God down to their own natural powers of understand­ing. In choosing women for His special revelations He gives us to understand from the outset, that what He wishes to reveal is above the natural faculties of perception and insight of either man or woman.


As soon as the "City of God" appeared in print it was welcomed and extolled as a most wonderful work.  There is probably no other book that was so closely scrutinized by those in authority, both civil and religious, and afterwards so signally approved as the "City of God." By order of Innocent XI., Alexander VIII., Clement IX., Benedict XIII., and Benedict XIV. it was repeatedly subjected to the closest scrutiny and declared authentic, worthy of devout perusal and free from error.


The popularity and excellence of the great history of the Mother of God is also evidenced by its widespread diffusion. It has appeared in over 60 editions in many languages.  The "City of God" is a most timely and efficient antidote for the epi­demic of false doctrines, which is sweeping over all the earth, and affects especially the English-speaking countries.


THE first Pope officially to take notice of "Ciudad de Dios" was Pope Innocent XI. On July 3, 1686, he permitted the publication and reading of the "Ciudad de Dios." So also did  Popes Alexander VIII, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, Benedict XIV and Clement XIV. Heaven has shown its approval by the many miracles that have occurred at the tomb of Sr. Mary of Jesus. 


The Scripture References are from the Douay-Rheims Bible, which is available on line at  http://www.drbo.org/.  Other editions of the bible sometimes have variant readings or the readings may be in different locations.  The New American Bible is missing some of the Scripture References found in the Douay-Rheims Bible.  Modern names of the books of scripture were used such as Sirach instead of Ecclesiasticus.  For the Psalms, we used the Hebrew numbering system, e.g., Ps 119 vs. 118 as used in the Douay-Rheims edition.


We suggest that you copy and paste into a Microsoft Word Document or equivalent. If you need too, you can change the size of the font to suit your fancy for easier reading.  Husbands and wives can read this together and read it to the children.  The Mystical City of God is a perfect textbook for homeschoolers.  


In Book 3, (Incarnation Bk 1) the Blessed Mother gives a young date for the creation of the world, thousands of years instead of millions or billions of years. Modern Young Earth Creation Scientists realize that the Blessed Mother is right.  Former evolutionist Dr. Walt Brown, became a Young Earth Creationist because of the scientific evidence.  Thousands of scientists from every field of science have joined him.  Read Dr. Brown’s intriguing book “In the Beginning,” FREE at:


For further research, Google “Creation Science” and discover many more sites.  The hard scientific evidence for a young earth and for Noah's Flood compelled “Atheist of the Year” award winner, Dr. Dmitri Kousnetsov, of Russia, who has 3 earned doctorates in science to become a devout Christian.  The evidence can help spark a Catholic Revival so great that millions of protestants will take notice and become Catholic.  The 6 days of Creation and Noah’s Flood really happened. Unfortunately, most of the clergy aren't buying it and won't examine the evidence. Catholic schools aren't teaching these things either.  Only Catholic Home Schools and lay people are getting the message.  But one day, every Catholic School and seminary will be teaching these things. Devout Catholics have no trouble believing in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, we shouldn’t let our minds be swayed by the pagan, secular humanistic religion of evolution, which requires billion of years.  Microevolution is simply variation, which we see in the many breeds of livestock or the breeds of household pets. It does not demonstrate evolution from one kind of critter into another kind, commonly called macroevolution. The fossil record shows no evidence at all of transitional life forms, which would have to exist if macro-evolution were true.  Also, the only proof for an old earth is radiometric dating.  THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF MODERN DAY SCIENCE IS THAT RADIOMETRIC DATING DOESN'T WORK.  For example, we know that the Mount St. Helen volcanic eruption happened in 1980.  But according to radiometric dating, it happened millions of years ago or hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Different dating methods invariably yield different ages. Carbon 14 dating doesn't work either.  Tissue samples from living animals have been carbon dated to be over 1,000 years old. Willard Libby got a Nobel prize for discovering a dating method that sounded great, but didn't work. AND THE devil IS STILL LAUGHING.  He has most of our clergy fooled and educators. Please Explore 


for more information.   Hundreds of other dating methods point to a young earth and universe.  See above website for more information.  AND YES, DINOSAURS AND HUMANS LIVED SIDE BY SIDE.  I have personally seen dinosaur tracks and human footprints in the same rock beds.  A scientist from U. of Texas saw the same tracks, but as he was so enmeshed in his religion of evolution, he responded, "This proves that millions of years before man evolved, space aliens visited earth and since they were on vacation, they took their shoes off."  A scientist from Iowa State University said: "This proves that millions of years before people evolved, there was an unknown dinosaur with human footprints." Yes, scientists can be as irrational as theologians and polliticians. (extra "l" as in pollution) Any reasonable person reading Job 40 and 41 will recognize the description of 2 kinds of dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, a theologian wrote the footnotes. 

Man and Dinosaur walked the Earth together?


Extraordinary Evidence that Dinosaurs Lived with Man 



We added a modern language edition of the Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori; and the Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis. We also added a book on the Eucharist, Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love, showing what the Eucharist meant to the saints.  We encourage everyone to copy and paste the long works into M.S. Word or equivalent and subdivide according to your pleasure and storing them in folders so you can more readily find the parts you are most interested in.

We met a nun who didn't believe in Purgatory, so for her sake, we added a Purgatory page. No Protestant minister in the world can gainsay what Abraham Lincoln had to say about Purgatory, so we added his observations.  We are searching for a book about Purgatory written by a Presbyterian Minister from Philadelphia 150 years ago.  He had apparitions of a soul from Purgatory and wrote about it.  He and his wife and 8 kids all became Catholic because of these experiences.  If we can find the book, we will scan it and add it to the Purgatory page. We had the book once, but unfortunately it was lost, and we've forgotten the minister's name.   Maybe someone can help us out.

We were concerned about the downfall of the very popular evangelist, Fr. John Corapi, so we added a Rehabilitation page for him and others, stressing the need for accountability partners to keep us on the straight and narrow path to heaven.

We added a Mothers of the Church page for the misguided souls who are fighting the Church on the issue of women's ordination and other irrational causes.  We wanted to introduce them to the idea of Spiritual Motherhood.  One of the Spiritual Mothers of the Church was an 11 year old girl.  Her quotes are real cute.  Mother Teresa and many other popular saints are included.  All the Mothers of the Church are little mothers who have made themselves worthy daughters of the Mother of them all, the Queen of Heaven. 

 We added a page on getting Good Grades in School by teaching people how to pray as their Heavenly Mother prayed.  How successful was She?  The Gospel of John, Chapter 2, which tells the story of the Wedding Feast of Cana gives us, a pretty good picture.  There were 6 stone water jugs.  The Lord could have said:  Fill one jar about half way, but He didn't.  All 6 jars were filled to the brim as a result of the prayers of the Mother of God.  We are talking about 180 - 200 gallons of the world's best wine here. Thus Our Blessed Lord teaches us to seek Her intercession when we are in need.  If we were in great need, wouldn't we ask our friends to pray for us?  How much more should we seek the intercession of God's friends in heaven.  The Holy Bible teaches us that Christ is the only mediator between us and the Heavenly Father.  The same Holy Bible teaches us that Mary is the most perfect intercessor with Her Divine Son.  And when we pray like the Mother of God, meditating on Scripture the Hebrew way, by memorizing Scripture passages and reciting them back to God, we succeed academically and in other ways becoming like sheep chewing the cud. The Scriptures even describe the students as being smarter than their teachers.  There were many times when I was smarter than my teachers.  I only wish that I knew this system when I was in Grade School to get an early start.  One engineering professor told me that I was the first student to get 100% on his toughest test and he had taught that course for 5 years.  I had to explain to him how I worked out the toughest problem to convince him that I didn't cheat. 

We added the popular work Practice of the Presence of God by Br. Lawrence. We added a Prayer Journal page to encourage others to develop their own prayer journals. We added a page presenting a New Right to Life Project, Divine Mercy Ranches for Unwed Mothers. It's the dream of my heart. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SUCCESS OF THIS PROJECT which is an application of a College of Agriculture paper I wrote and used for 2 classes entitled A Catholic Solution to World Hunger. That paper is also added.  The lady professor gave me an "A" for the paper, but the male professor gave me a "D-" for being "politically incorrect." We added a page of Catholic Links to websites of interest concerning Right to Life, Women's issues, Men's issues etc. We added an updated version of the Baltimore Catechism. The old question and answer format still has great value. We also included a hyperlink to the Vatican website on Pope St. John Paul the Great's Catechism of the Catholic Church.

We are in the process of adding a modern language edition of the KJV Bible with Catholic Footnotes.  The KJV Bible used to be forbidden reading to Catholics, but VATICAN II changed all that.  Notes on the Sacraments and Purgatory and traditions like the Brown Scapular will be there.  And all pronouns and many nouns referring to God will be capitalized.  The Catholic Reverent Edition of the KJV Bible is our gift to the millions of Catholic coverts who were raised on the KJV Bible. We have fixed some serious flaws and made a truly reverent Bible out of it as well as a politically incorrect Bible for our young people.  

Explore and Peruse this website at your leisure.  You will like it.